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The Above Average Medium

Terri Fairbairn

Spiritual Psychic Medium


24 September 2016

Oz Paranormal and 

Spiritual Expo

A fun day of spiritual & paranormal exhilaration! Come along to make new friends and meet up with old ones. Join in on a FREE workshop and browse the wonders available in the stalls.

I will be there in the reading room, so come and visit!

There are exciting VIP packages - which include FREE workshops for you to enjoy throughout the day. The exhibitor space has been extended this year so there is more variety.

You'll have such a great time you'll stick around all day.

General entry is only $5! For that you get to enter the expo, visit all of the stalls, see a psychic if you wish (at an additional cost) AND take part in the FREE workshops happening all day. You just buy your tickets on the day.

Are you ready to be treated like royalty for a day?

Become part of the VIP package and grab your tickets to be an exclusive attendee at the Oz Paranormal & Spiritual Expo!

2S September 2016

St Ives Medieval Faire

Terri, The Above Average Medium, and Crystal Moore will be attending the Faire on Sunday 25 September as the resident Soothsayers, so come along and see us for a reading!

For the third year Sydney’s St Ives Showground will be hay-strewn and hand-forged into an accurate recreation of Medieval Europe. Covering cultures and customs from the Dark Ages to the High Middle Ages, your ticket will give you the unmatched experience of authentic medieval events, shows and atmosphere (all 100% Plague-free!).

Feel the soft fletch of an arrow graze your cheek as you let loose your bowstring. Surge and jeer with the crowd at the jousting tournament, where the thunder of hooves and the crunch of armour sees your champion victorious. Bargain with peddlers of skill and beauty to build your inventory of weapons, armour and jewellery. Later, tear at joints of meat in a grand feasting hall while jesters and musicians play for your favour in the firelight.